Pelican Founders

About us

At Pelican Founders we have an equal understanding for the two worlds of investor and founder. We find you investors who are already receptive to your cause; forging a more meaningful and productive relationship than standard investment might.

About Christopher Ramsay

Christopher has spent the last 14 years talking to investors and raised $1.8bn in his previous role.

With a deepening concern for the planet, and frustrated with the lack of commitment to sustainability within the capital markets, he decided to set up Pelican Founders;
to help the impact ideas of tomorrow flourish by linking them to the ever-growing pool of conscious investors. To create a meaningful, measurable, social and environmental difference. Since then he’s not looked back.

He’s a father, surfer of questionable ability, and general outdoors person; who ever since childhood has been more at home in the woods than in an office.

He’s gregarious and loves bringing people together. As such, Pelican Founders is designed to be an inclusive watering hole to collaborate, partner with a global community and get great minds talking to each other.

He’s also into trees, The Kinks and pigeons.


Our Value

We’re your ears and eyes on the ground:

  • We discuss the most prescient environmental and social issues beyond the broad brush strokes of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals; such as the circular economy, the future of food, regenerative agriculture and renewable energy solutions.
  • We’re constantly meeting, interviewing, attending talks, panel discussions, debates, podcasting, hosting roundtables, reading, drinking a lot of tea and crucially staying in the conversation. Which means we have a more diverse reach with investors, are better able to connect them to our founders and forge more effective change.
  • We understand both the investor and founder universes. We cover all aspects of process and relationship.
  • We offer exceptional value to the client; we make sure our terms are fair and our prices low.
  • We find founder-friendly investors who actually care and will fit your company. We believe the model is broken and needs more patient & responsible capital.
  • We have a controlled, transparent process that covers all bases.
  • We understand that it’s all about being proactive; so we bring a constant hustle and are in the mix continuously. We give you our full attention and only work with a limited number of founders each year.
  • We make sure to be inclusive and feed you into our network.
  • We understand what’s fair.
  • We communicate as often as you wish, and are always keen to speak.
  • We maintain the highest discretion, and integrity goes without saying.