Pelican Founders

How we help

We hold your hand

We meet, listen and learn about your business. We prepare and plan. We meet the investors and steer you through the pitch journey. We follow up and help complete the due diligence. We help you close the deal.

Our process

We listen and Learn:

We try to understand your business inside and out, we kick the tyres on your growth strategy, product, team, operations, marketing and business plan. How the machinations of your company work and how best to vocalise your USPs.

We matchmake:

We hand pick the most relevant investors to your cause to help make the company’s journey as quick, efficient and honed as possible… at the highest level, in the most relevant manner.

We prepare:

We make your deck shine; to be as impactful, concise and easily digestible as possible.

We make sure you always stay relevant to investors. We ready you for every eventuality on your pitch. We make sure you can discuss your business with confidence and passion.

We hold your hand through the process:

We arrange and take you to meetings. We make sure you’re always relevant in meetings. We spread your word behind the scenes, with tact and sensitivity.

We follow up:

With meetings, coffees, calls, conference calls, negotiating, coordinating of due diligence, general feedback, etc. We’re in your corner and want to see you through to the final round.

We close:

We work as hard as we can to help you close the deal, and get you to the next stage with a smile on your face.

What we look for in our founders

We look for meaningful, measurable impact at the company’s core.

We look at pre-seed through to series B. Currently rounds of £500k to £15m.

We like stand-alone, attractive businesses, with a clear route to profitability.

We also like our founders to be people we get on with.