Pelican Founders

Why Us

Because we make the best marriage of founder and investor.

We believe investors should passionately believe in their founder’s mission, and, as a result, champion them with their expertise and network. By finding this match we help create a uniquely competitive advantage.

We cover every type of investor

Over the last 15 years, we’ve built a global community across the spectrum of investors. Including leaders in sustainable investment and those just beginning to dip a toe in, successful entrepreneurs, UHNW & HNW’s passionate about making a difference, Family Offices, angel networks, VC’s, sustainable investment networks, impact investment firms, first-time founders or founders that have exited unicorns, as well as the forward-looking, multi-family offices, wealth managers, private banks, global consultants and pension funds. We look beyond the obvious to find the relevant expertise, passion and networks for our founders.

We find the best founders because of our network:
We’re constantly talking to founders and the impact ecosystem generally. We have relationships with best-in- class accelerators, incubators, VCs, PE firms, consultants, angel networks, think tanks, advisers, policymakers, trade bodies, politicians, environmental agencies, impact measurement firms, scientists, ecologists, law firms, top universities & business schools, entrepreneur networks, business coaches, awards programmes, ratings agencies, charities, foundations, conferences and futurologists, globally.

Who like what we do and make sure we’re introduced to exceptional founders making a real difference.

If you’d like to discuss working together, please get in touch here, and we’ll try to get back asap.